spatial - Implementing a spatial model inspired by Material Shell and
       Paper WM, for sway.




       Spatial Shell is a daemon implementing a spatial model inspired by
       Material Shell, but for sway.

       Windows in Spatial Shell are placed on ribbons (one per workspace). The
       user decides how many windows are displayed on screen at the same time,
       and can unroll the ribbon in one direction or the user by focusing new
       windows (horizontally). Besides, Spatial Shell also allows to move
       vertically from one workspace to the other.

       The most straightforward way to run Spatial Shell is via sway.

           set $spatial /path/to/spatial
           exec $spatial

       Similarly, assigning bindings to interact with Spatial Shell is best
       done using sway.

           set $spatialmsg /path/to/spatialmsg
           bindsym $mod+h exec $spatialmsg "focus left"
           bindsym $mod+l exec $spatialmsg "focus right"
           bindsym $mod+k exec $spatialmsg "focus up"
           bindsym $mod+j exec $spatialmsg "focus down"

       For information about the commands which can be sent to Spatial Shell
       via spatialmsg(1), see spatial(5).


       In Spatial Shell, workspaces can use one of two modes: maximize and
       column. Each layout determines the strategy to display and organize the
       windows of the workspace.

       •   Maximize: The focused window takes up the whole workspace.
       •   Column: Up to a fix number of windows are displayed on the
           workspace, the rest is hidden.


       Spatial Shell searches for a config file in
       $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/spatial/config. If $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is unset, it
       defaults to $HOME/.config.

       The config file of Spatial Shell is a list of commands (one per line).
       See spatial(5) for information about supported commands.


       Though spatialmsg(1) is generally preferred, you may interact with
       Spatial Shell directly via IPC, see spatial-ipc(7).

       The socket created by Spatial Shell is $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/spatial.sock.
       If $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR defaults to /tmp, that is the socket is


       The following environment variables have an effect on Spatial Shell.

           Specifies the path to the socket Spatial Shell will connect to in
           order to interact with sway.

           If set, tells Spatial Shell where to find its config file. If
           unset, its values is defaulted to $HOME/.config.

           If set, tells Spatial Shell where to create the socket other tools
           can use to control it. If unset, defaults to /tmp. For more
           information, see section IPC COMMANDS.


       Developed by Thomas Letan <>. Fore more information
       about Spatial Shell development, see <


       Spatial Shell could not have been possible without sway, which remains
       a reference and a significant source of inspiration for the software
       architecture of this project, including for the wording of several man

                                  2023-04-23                        spatial(1)