spatial - configuration file and commands


       A Spatial Shell configuration file is a list of commands that are
       executed by Spatial Shell on startup. These commands usually consist of
       setting your preferences, either globally or per workspace.


       This section lists the commands supported by Spatial Shell, which can
       be used in the config file, via spatialmsg(1) or via spatial-ipc(7)

       window <n>
           Focus the nth window of the current workspace (starting from 0).

       focus left|right|up|down
           Change the focus of sway to a new container, following the gride
           maintained by Spatial Shell. focus right and focus left move the
           focus horizontally, within a given workspace, while focus up and
           focus down move the focus vertically, from one workspace to the

       move left|right|up|down
           Move the focused window within Spatial Shell gride, that is within
           its current ribbon (left or right) or to a different workspace (up
           or down). This command will change the current workspace in the
           latter case, so that the focused window remains focus.

       background "<path>"
           Specifies the path of the background image. Spatial Shell relies on
           swaybg(1) to display said image, and therefore only supports image
           formats handled by swaybg.

       default layout maximize|column
       [workspace=<n>] default layout maximize|column
           Set the default layout used by workspaces when they are first
           visited. See spatial(1) for a description of each layout.

       toggle layout
           Change the layout of the current workspace. If the workspace was
           using the layout Maximize, then it switches to Column. On the
           contrary, if it was using the layout Column, then it switches to

       default column count <m>
       [workspace=<n>] default column count <m>
           Set the default number of windows displayed at most when a
           workspace uses the Column layout.

       column count increment|decrement
           Increase (resp. decrease) the maximum number of windows Spatial
           Shell shows in the current workspace, when the latter uses the
           Column layout. Default is 2, but this can be changed using the
           default column count command (etiher globally or per workspace).

       unfocus opacity <n>
           Set the opacity of unfocused window to n%, that is, n is required
           to be an integer between 0 and 100.


       Developed by Thomas Letan <>. Fore more information
       about Spatial Shell development, see <


       Spatial Shell could not have been possible without sway, which remains
       a reference and a significant source of inspiration for the software
       architecture of this project, including for the wording of several man

                                  2023-04-24                        spatial(5)